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Goodwill chemical is an innovative chemical technology-oriented enterprise, with its core competence focused on the R & D and production of men's medical care. Goodwill chemical develops new molecules for innovative products and solutions to improve human health. These research and development activities are based on a deep understanding of the biochemical processes of life. With products, goodwill chemical will continue to contribute to finding solutions to some of the major challenges of today's era. By preventing, alleviating and treating diseases, goodwill chemical continuously improves the quality of human life. As an innovative enterprise dedicated to improving human health with chemical technology, goodwill is looking forward to contributing to global ecology together with global partners!


Business area:


Pharmaceutical raw materials -- the leader of Chinese pharmaceutical API Market


The pharmaceutical division focuses on the treatment of male aphrodisiac raw materials, tumor intermediates and new coronavirus raw materials. With innovative pharmaceutical products, goodwill chemical strives to help patients achieve the best treatment results while meeting the growing needs of global customers. Goodwill chemical has set up a branch in India.


Technical Support:


Goodwill chemical on the basis of R & D facilities formed over the years, chemical has introduced and trained professionals and improved goodwill chemical's independent innovation capability by integrating resources, increasing investment in science and technology, enriching and updating research and test equipment and related supporting software, and at the same time, it has started to solve a number of key common technical problems in the innovation and industrialization of new drugs, so as to improve the international competitiveness of enterprises Enhance the soft power that can lead the development of the industry.


Based on the technical support of the three joint laboratories, technical centers and R & D centers, the company has set up a management office and an expert committee to coordinate the operation and implementation of the enterprise research institute. It has set up a number of machines, such as innovative drug synthesis, generic drug synthesis, drug NEW type research, quality research, process transformation research, information intelligence, intellectual property research, etc Structure. The company has a relatively perfect talent structure from synthesis, extraction, analysis, preparation to new drug approval, and has a number of experienced pilot scale-up technicians, laying a good foundation for the large-scale production of new drugs; the company has a research and development team of hundreds of people, 90% of which are graduates of medical colleges and universities, with strong ability to develop innovative drugs The company also has extensive communication with domestic famous research institutions and established good cooperation to improve the research level and personnel quality of the company.


Quality Policy:


Goodwill chemical adheres to the purpose of "producing first-class products, committed to human health", and advocates the concept of "quality-oriented, safe and effective"

Establish and promote quality risk management, continuously improve quality management system, and continuously reduce product quality risk;

Implement effective training to improve quality awareness and level.


Quality Assurance:


The company has established a sound quality management system, formulated a series of SOP and strictly implemented. All operations are documented and traceable; timely and effective customer quality complaints and product recall procedures are established. Verification management, change management, deviation management and risk management run through the whole life cycle of products.


Over the years, our company's product quality is stable, the market spot check qualified rate is 100%, enjoys the good market reputation. In addition to managing the production of products in strict accordance with the relevant SOP, the company also has advanced testing equipment such as high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry to conduct intermediate control over the production process of raw materials and test the release of finished products. Our company also has a special quality research team Development and validation of detection methods, including impurity separation, identification, tracking and other quality research work.